We have a dream

One day, every organisation will understand their responsibility in making the world a better place.

Why do we exist ?

We believe that if a child grows up in a world where adults fight for what they believe is right and companies embrace values of sustainability - including social responsibility, diversity, environmental protection and economic development for all - they will thrive into brave and strong individuals able to change the world.

How do we do that ?

For decades, we've been taught to sort plastic, paper and cardboard out, to dispose of organic waste in the green bin, and collect glass bottles and cans in exchange of 10c.

Yet, textile does not seem to be part of this 'waste equation' with 100 Billion garments worldwide simply buried in the ground, incinerated or thrown into the ocean each year - revealing an unprecedented environmental, social and economic crisis.

TERRESA was born to lead by example and become such a role model for future generations - setting high ethical standards to prove every child having a dream, and every organisation wondering whether they could afford to become more sustainable, that if we can do it, so can they.